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To the untrained eye the two attractive, young blonde women sitting outside the cafe were simply enjoying their drinks and chatting merrily away. In reality, it was a practiced facade of hiding in plain sight. In truth, the two were conducting a professional stakeout of the building across the street. This had been their third visit to this particular cafe, but they purposely made themselves just another part of the crowd.

"The guards are consistent in their apathy," Millicent commented quietly.
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Player Name/ Personal Journal:
Email: drdoom83@hotmail.com
AIM: Paul Bubb
Other Contact: my email
Character Name: Millicent Zaran
Character Journal: weapons-mistress
Physical Description: 6'1" Millie is tall with blonde hair that she often keeps tied while in combat situations. She keeps herself in peak physical condition and is tightly muscled, though still lean with feminine curves.
Age: 25
DOB: 8/21/1989
PB: Abbie Cornish
Character Location/Home: United Kingdom
Alignment: Mercenary, but with ethics
Relatives: Maximillian Zaran(father), Unknown (mother)
Abilities: Millicent is peak-human physical condition. She is a highly skilled martial artist, and a master of all known human martial weapons including swords, axes, spears, bolas, etc. She's added more modern weapons to her repertoire including various types of firearms. SHe wears a light-weight suit of sophisticated battle armor that provides her physical protection as well as a means of hiding some of her smaller equipment. She wears a helmet while in the field that provides protection, as well as various forms of infrared and ultraviolet vision.
Personality: Millicent displays a serious, almost noble-class bearing, though in truth this is a means to try and carry her family name with dignity. Among her friends more of her true personality is shown as while still responsible and dependable, she has a bit of a playful side she only displays with those she trusts or comes to be comfortable with.
Weaknesses and Flaws When contracted she takes her jobs seriously and once committed, neither bribery or threat will not sway her from her task. She does however possess a sense of ethics, and finding out an employer has done or is doing something that offends her sense of honor, she's liable to quit the job or, depending on the heinousness of the act, turn on her employer. To those who don't know her, she can be serious, even uptight, putting off less serious individuals.
Backstory: Millicent Zaran is the daughter of Maximillian Zaran and an unknown mother. Her father never told her who she was, only alluding that she was someone who wasn't worth Millicent thinking about. He raised her in his trade, even passing on his title of weapons master to her once she reached the peak of his training. Growing up she was best friends with Batroc the Leaper's daughter, Adrienne. While initially completely committed to her father's training program and goals, her friendship with the outgoing Adrienne softened her outlook. This didn't change her decision to succeed her father as a mercenary, but she wasn't as ruthless or unethical as him and while she sometimes took independent work, she frequently teams with Adrienne for paying mercenary work.


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